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How to Attract and Treat Men in the Beauty Salon?

08 Feb 2023 0 Comments
It's fair to say the beauty industry has always been dominated by both female therapists and female clientele. However, there is a growing, global trend of men looking after themselves, spending more money in retail (beauty) products, having beauty treatments and pampering themselves. This presents a great opportunity for beauty salons to be more "male friendly" and tap into this growth market.

Here's the issue, as a beauty professional, how can you attract more male clientele? Well, it may not be as difficult or challenging as you think!

Create a male-friendly environment

It is very important to ensure that men don't feel "out of place" in your workspace. Men tend to be put off in salons where everything is pink and having feminine touches and female products throughout. Perhaps consider some gender neutral touches (especially if your salon is already all pink!) or even some magazines or posters tailored for a more masculine audience. Another example, instead of having feminine flower arrangements on display, swap them for some beautiful Australian flowers! These are just suggestions and I am sure there is a lot that can be done in this space! 

For more advice, I would start asking males around you such as family members, partners, friends, etc!

Make them feel comfortable and relaxed

Instead of offering a male client a herbal tea like you would with other clients, maybe considering offering them a beer or a glass of scotch. They will love it! 

Be solution orientated

Skin expert, Cathriona Flanagan (owner of Sydney CBD Salon "Face of Man" argues that women come into beauty salons asking for pampering and relaxation; men on the other hand are more interested in solving an issue. “Men are coming in with a problem and they want to get a solution from you” “Therefore change your language. Quite honestly, they don’t care about how products smell or feel on their skin. They want to know what result this is going to give him.” (and we can't help but agree with her!)

Tailor your treatments to work for him

On your price list, have some treatments and possibly specials that are tailored for men so, again, they will feel more comfortable being there and wanting to select a treatment just for them.

Give him good advice

Give practical and concise advice to male clients that they can easily put into practice such as wearing sunscreen when they are in the sun, aftercare recommendations but keep it simple!

Promotions for male only

Consider how many women do you have walking into your salon every day? Now, think of how many of them have male partners? Maybe you could give your (female) client a special voucher for her other half! Or offer a joint treatment to the couple so her partner feels more contained? Just think if 1 in 10 of your female customers brings their male partners, how many new customers would you have over a month, a quarter, a year? How would that help with the overall profitability of your beauty business?

If you like this blog article, leave us a comment below and share it with your colleagues!

With Love, Ari xx


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Image Credit: ROMAN ODINTSOV via Pexels
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