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Membrane Post Care Products Inc. speaks to a new generation of artists and aestheticians who are as passionate about the quality of their procedures as they are about the best possible recovery for their clients. We are a proud Canadian company focused on innovative all-natural, planet-friendly and cruelty-free products for all stages of micropigmentation and skin rejuvenation treatments. 

Each product is scientifically formulated to address before, during, and after treatment care needs. Suitable for all skin types, providing 100% breathable barrier, healing support and essential nutrients. We have compounded products to target every area of the body, for multiple treatment modalities to expedite healing and foster optimal results.


MicroTonic is a natural toner that cleans and soothes traumatized tissue; its versatile formula is suitable for all skin types. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties support healing and tissue repair, while keeping the skin clean and hydrated. Use MicroTonic to reduce discomfort during and after Micropigmentation (PMU) procedures.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

MicroPH 5.5 Scalp is a soothing cream that nourishes freshly tattooed scalps (SMPs). With refreshing sweet fennel, active charcoal, and Vitamin E bursting beads, this cleanser provides targeted cleansing and cooling relief. Ideal for restoring hydration, this product also helps ward off unwanted intruders.


MicroBalm 2.0 Areola Salve is the ideal ointment to apply to the areola and nipples after nursing, or before, during, and after breast surgery or micropigmentation procedures (such as areola tattoos). This product is free from petroleum, mineral oils, and any other synthetic ingredients that may irritate delicate skin. We have carefully chosen every ingredient for MicroBalm 2.0 Areola Salve, which is manufactured in Canada to the highest degree of quality.

Eye Aid

Membrane Eye Aid Healing Salve creates a light, breathable and comforting barrier to help reduce swelling and inflammation after micropigmentation procedures around the eyes. This formula is also anti-aging which treats any post orbital skin treatment and is used as a excellent healing and treatment salve for dry irritated skin around eyes. It is enriched with natural plant extracts that help skin maintain a youthful, healthy appearance. Experience fast relief with this dermatologist-approved formula.

Trust in the Beauty Experts

Luna Beauty Supplies is here to assist you with all your professional product needs, so that you can focus on delivering exceptional services to your clients. We are dedicated to providing beauty professionals with the finest SMP, PMU, and beauty products and tools to make your life easier. Our aim is to inspire beauty professionals to excel and become the best version of themselves for their clients.

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