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Refectocil, Professional Brow & Lash Styling Services for Your Customers. The product range extends from colour products to our own care range for brows and lashes, offering accessories, tools and kits developed especially for professionals. Top quality and innovative products, made in Austria.

From extravagant to natural – perfect any look with brow & lash styling to suit your skin type. With the professional products from RefectoCil, brows and lashes can be styled individually to suit the shape of your face, your hair colour, and your personal style – it’s all about the complete look!

A color goes around the world: RefectoCil® is a term every beauty professional is familiar with. The brand name has even become synonymous with Brow & Lash Styling. RefectoCil® is the world market leader in eyebrow and eyelash tinting and is represented in over 70 countries. But few people know where the brand comes from and who stands behind it: RefectoCil® is a success story made in Austria – full of curiosity and the courage to change.

Behind the global success of RefectoCil® stands a company from a country in the heart of Europe and a restless CEO: Rainer Deisenhammer, Managing Director of the parent company GW Cosmetics. Just under 20 years ago, he took over the management of a family business rich in tradition with innovative products and helped its RefectoCil® brand to become a global success. True to his motto “Just do it!”, Rainer Deisenhammer took on a great legacy whose foundation was laid in the 1930s: at that time, the Viennese hairdresser Josef Gschwentner experimented with hair colors because he was dissatisfied with the existing range. In doing so, he invented the first professional tinting products for eyebrows and eyelashes. A pioneering achievement and the root for the later launch of RefectoCil®. The tinting products quickly became very successful and internationally known, leading to the expansion of its distribution network as well as its product portfolio.

Rainer Deisenhammer took over the company in 2004 and, with the purchase of Weinzierl, started to develop an Austrian cosmetics company named GW Cosmetics. Today, GW Cosmetics® has 120 employees and is considered as an expert for brow & lash styling products and a producer of premium and innovative cosmetic products.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are RefectoCil products tested on animals?

We do not test the products on animals, neither is any testing on animals done on our behalf. This is in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 (EU Cosmetics Regulation). We don't allow anybody to conduct animal tests with our products/brands.

Are RefectoCil products vegan?

All but five RefectoCil products are vegan, meaning they don’t contain animal based raw materials. The exceptions are:

  • RefectoCil Eyelash Lift (contains Hydrolyzed Collagen)
  • RefectoCil Eyelash Curl (contains Hydrolyzed Collagen)
  • RefectoCil Skin Protection Cream (contains beeswax)
  • RefectoCil Care Balm (contains Lanolin)
  • RefectoCil Eyelash Lift Glue (contains Shellac)

Can I use RefectoCil Eyelash Lift or Eyelash Curl on pregnant clients?

Generally we do not see any problems using our RefectoCil Eyelash Curl or Eyelash Lift while being pregnant. We have no information about any negative effects after using Eyelash Curl or Eyelash Lift during pregnancy, but please note that we did not conduct any special studies with pregnant women. Further, as a manufacturing company we don’t have the necessary medical knowledge and we therefore can’t give any medical advices. Therefore we would recommend advising talking to a doctor before usage.

Tinted hair needs care. Does this also apply to tinted lashes and brows?

Everyone knows that hair can be stressed, brittle and lose shine. With brows and lashes it’s the same. Getting them back into shape requires proper care products. As intensive night care we recommend the RefectoCil Care Balm. Its vitamins and plant oils strengthen the hair over night. Additionally castor oil supports natural brow & lash growth.
The RefectoCil Styling Gel is the ideal day care. It provides colour protection, binds moisture and provides shine. Furthermore unruly hair can be fixed in the desired position.

What’s the difference between RefectoCil oxidative and sensitive tints?

Oxidative tint

  • Mixing
  • Almost every colour pigment enters the hair shaft

Sensitive tint

  • 2 step system, no mixing
  • Colour pigments wrap themselves around the hair

How long do I have to wait before the next Eyelash Curl treatment?

You can repeat the treatment, as soon as the lashes are straight; in most cases after 6 weeks.

What can I do if the lashes are curled too weak or too strong?

If the lashes are too curly, just use a larger eyelash roller and repeat the application with half the application time. If the curl is too weak, make sure, that the eye-area has been cleaned thoroughly and of all residues and that a correctly sized eyelash roller has been chosen. If the roller has been too large, use a smaller one and repeat the application with half the application time.

I want to shape and tint lashes. Which application should I perform first?

First shape, then tint. This way you are saving time because after the application of Eyelash Curl the application time of the tint is reduced to 2 minutes. If you tint first, there’s a risk that Eyelash Curl is extracting the tint and you have to dye a second time which is not damaging for the hair but time consuming.

Where are RefectoCil products manufactured?

The products are manufactured in Austria

Is the application of RefectoCil Lash Lift harmless for the lashes?

Yes. The product has been developed for the sensitive eye-area. Furthermore we conducted numerous tests that proved that the product can even be used on thin and fine lashes without concern.

Is it possible that I feel a slight tingle on the skin when applying the Lash & Brow Booster?

Initially a light, short-lived tingling can occur which is harmless. Skin and eye compatibility of the Lash & Brow Booster have been tested and confirmed by a renowned German test institute. However, if there is ongoing irritation please stop the application.

How do I achieve an even result?

The eye-area has to be degreased and cleaned thoroughly, so that there are no residues. The lashes have to be fixed straight and even on the eyelash roller. Make sure that they are not crossed and that there is no bend. The tips should lie flat on the roller.

My lashes and brows are freshly tinted. How long should I wait before using the Care Balm?

The Care Balm is the ideal night care after tinting but you should wait 24h hours before using it because within this time frame the Care Balm’s high fat content can affect the tinting result.

Why shouldn’t eyebrows be tinted after the use of self-tanning lotion?

If eyebrows are tinted after the use of self-tanning lotion, a yellowish discoloration of the skin could occur.

What can I do if some individual lashes come off the pad during the Eyelash Lift treatment?

Easy: wipe off the solution, use some more glue, wait again for 15 seconds and fix the lashes.

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