Salon Furniture

The Salon Collection features everything a beauty salon professional needs for their salon including furniture such as beauty beds, lighting, electrical equipment, salon chairs, salon stools, sterilisation, trolleys, waiting lounges, work stations and barber chairs as well as hygiene and infection control.


Crafting sophisticated salon spaces with top-notch salon furniture

In the illustrious world of beauty, perfection is found in every detail. Luna Beauty Supplies brilliantly combines form and function, offering an exquisite array of salon supplies and furniture tailored to the needs of beauty salons with world-class taste. From materials to the final finish, we put in the extra effort to curate products that pass our meticulous standards.

At Luna Beauty Supplies, you don’t have to choose between quality and aesthetics because you deserve the best of both worlds. You know that feeling when you step into a salon, and you instantly feel a little bit more luxe and sophisticated? That’s exactly what we’re aiming for. Whether it's a brush, chair or any accessory, what we offer is a touch of elegance that elevates your salon's ambience. 

For those beauty professionals who don't just seek tools but artistry in their choices, Luna Beauty Supplies is the answer.

From rest to radiance

Ensuring your client's utmost comfort is essential. Whether it's the luxury of our standard salon beds or the convenience of our portable options, each piece promises a blend of relaxation and style. And when it comes to embracing the latest beauty advancements, our electronic treatment tables are a testament to our commitment to innovation. Beyond adjustability, these tables help elevate each treatment, providing an upgraded feel and experience for every client.

With each service, we aim for clients to not only look more radiant but also feel rejuvenated. At the heart of Luna Beauty Supplies is a commitment to giving every client a well-deserved day to relax and be pampered.

Check out Luna Beauty Supplies’ salon furniture today

Transforming your salon into a sanctuary of beauty and elegance has never been this easy. With Luna Beauty Supplies, every piece in our carefully curated collection for salon supplies and furniture resonates sophistication and purpose. Explore our offerings and uncover the distinct Luna difference that promises to elevate every facet of your salon's ambience.

If you need help with anything or are looking for further insights or suggestions, our team of experts is just a click away. They're dedicated to ensuring your visions come to fruition, so let Luna Beauty Supplies be the bridge to your salon's most beaming transformation.