Naturaverde Pro | Unapologetically Smooth | Professional Waxing Supplies 

NaturaverdePro was created to give beauty professionals the perfect tools to help their clients present their very best. More than superior waxing essentials, our products represent the Italian ethos of impeccable quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, along with our penchant for everyday glamour.

We define quality as love for our customers, working to achieve excellence, and adhering to standards that ensure quality and safety. We vet our products, including ongoing research, dermatologic testing, and careful evaluation of all our ingredients for allergens, heavy metals, and suitability for all skin types.

Through our line of waxes, skincare, and accessories, we supply our customers with the exceptional performance they’d expect from an Italian brand, so they can provide ​their​ clients long-lasting, silky smooth results--and eye-catching confidence. We do this because we believe in only presenting our very best, just like you do.

Because NaturaverdePro is manufactured in Italy, our standards are automatically high -- defined by the utmost attention to detail, tradition, and design sense. We’re also subject to the EU restriction of over 1,300 toxic chemicals that are often used in cosmetic products made elsewhere.

NaturaverdePro provides safe depilation for all clients, all skin types and all service types. Made in Italy, quality reassured, Dermatologically tested and certified. Each Naturaverde Pro wax is individually designed for a specific hair and skin type. Our high-quality, certified formulas are backed by ongoing research, industry expertise, dermatologic testing and a bit of the Italian passion for living life out loud.


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