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Mayamy Pro Professional Lash & Brow Products

Materials and supplies for beauty professionals by Innovator Cosmetics LLC. 

All materials and products are created taking into account European quality standards and beauticians.

A wide range of products meets the most acute needs of industry professionals. MAYAMY® materials are certified according to international standards.

Long-Term Brow Perm 

Safe formula that nourishes and moisturises eyebrow hairs in a gentle way during the lamination procedure. With a combination of active and caring Brow Perm ingredients.

Three Mayamy Composition being #1 Brow Lift, #2 Brow Sculpt and #3 Brow Essence for luxurious bold and thick eyebrows!

Mayamy Brow Soap

One product, various styling options! From natural and bushy brows to upswept and glossy ones! With Mayamy Brow Soap you can create the effect of long-term brow perm or lamination for up to 12 hours! Great for all hair types even for the most coarse ones! It contains a beautiful cranberry aroma.

Professionals Lash and Brow Tools and Accessories

Professionals tools are needed to facilitate the beauty treatment, help beauticians to increase their work speed and the quality of their work. Explore the amazing range of Mayamy beauty brushes, lash applicators, silicone pads, dappen dishes and much more!

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