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Flik Hair Extensions

Flik Hair Extensions pride themselves in ethically sourcing and providing the highest quality, luxury hair extensions. Our extensions are made from 100% Virgin Russian Human Remy Hair. This is the most sought after type of hair as the cuticles are all intact, in the same alignment and have not previously been coloured, meaning no drying out or tangling. The hair is silky soft and healthy using the most advanced eco-friendly technology to ensure the hair stays healthier for longer. Our complete range is double drawn, meaning the hair is thick from top to bottom. We also offer a beautiful hair care range that is vegan friendly and perfect to maintain your hair extensions.

About Flik's Factory

Our Factory is located in Heze, China and sits on 16,000 square metres of land. It was established over 20 years ago, with over 200 skilled workers who have experience in the hair extension industry ranging from 10-25 years. Our factory has rightfully earned the reputation to have the highest quality in materials, perfect designs, customer service and hair quality to earn and keep the trust of many clients worldwide. All of our employees remain highly educated within their roles, with constant training, to assure top quality products are consistently produced when making our Flik Hair Extensions.

To match the values of Flik Hair Extensions, we make sure that the employees within the factory are treated fairly, safely and are well paid. Our factory employees are provided with a monthly salary with a yearly bonus, recreational activities within work and are entitled to weekend and holiday leave.

Our Prices

We pride ourselves in being not only business-to-consumer but also business-to-business, which allows us to supply to both consumers and trade. Why do we do this? We want all, business and consumers, to experience high quality extensions worldwide. Our aim is to supply you and others with the best competitive price on the market for luxurious, high quality 100% Human Remy Hair.  

Hair & Packaging

At Flik Hair Extensions, we have made it a priority to source materials that will be made to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Along with our packaging, we ensure that our hair is sourced ethically and won't be detrimental to the environment. Our hair is ethically sourced from Russia and the Ukraine and clients are paid generously.

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