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Rare Academy was founded by Alyce Dosa and Jodie McKenzie, two award winning artists with an abundance of experience across the beauty industry. Alyce and Jodie are both firm believers in building a supportive community within the beauty industry where fellow professionals are considered friends, allies and colleagues, rather than competitors. 

Alyce Dosa, Beauty Therapist, Owner & Director of Freeze Beauty Co, operating from popular Bulimba, in QLD Australia. A proud wife and Mum, Alyce knows first hand the challenges of juggling family life and owning a successful business. In her 30s, she decided on a career change and realised that it was never too late to change your path and try something new.  Alyce comes from a background in health, teaching & training. Rare Academy has provided her with the platform to utilise both of her trades. Alyce has grown her business from a sole trader, to a multi- award winning, franchising company with a long array of specialised services and employees, all in under four years!  Alyce has received both national and global recognition. She has a world of knowledge in skin care, and is a master in all things brows.  

Jodie McKenzie is the Owner and Director of Aurora Beauty Parlour and operates from her clinic in Tieri, where she resides with her husband and two young children. Jodie studied  a Bachelor of Behavioural Science before deciding to enter the beauty industry in 2016, receiving a Diploma in Specialist Makeup Services - but she didn't stop there! Jodie too is a multi-award winning trainer who has received both Global and National awards. She has received multiple industry qualifications and runs her own successful clinic. Jodie is passionate about being vocal and bringing awareness to mental health and building a supportive community.  She now specialises in Brows, Lash Extensions and Lash Lifting services.

Alyce and Jodie met in 2019 and formed a strong friendship. They were passionate about creating a full, comprehensive learning experience and a supportive environment for artists. From a beautiful friendship, blossomed an idea to collaborate and create the supportive learning environment that they had been dreaming of. After a year of planning, they launched their first Ebook and Masterclass in mid 2023. Their Masterclasses have now been sold nationally and internationally. Their plan was to create their own product range to support their training. They embarked on a journey to design innovative products to build on what was already available in the industry in order to work with the demands of the industry. Now, fast forward to the present, they have launched their Rare Collection - innovative products to support artists and help them build their dreams!

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